Wednesday, 24 August 2011

One of my favourite books- Charlotte's Web by E.B White

“Charlotte’s Web” is a fantastic book .I liked the book very much .The story is about a pig named Wilbur who is brought up by a girl named Fern .He was raised inside the house only because he was born small. But as he grows up he becomes a barn pig. He was bored and lonely until he met Charlotte, the beautiful grey spider who also lived in the barn. There was also a rat called Templeton who had a big hole in which he stored things.

The story goes like this-Wilbur is in danger because when he becomes bigger he will be killed and fried for dinner, but Charlotte thinks of a wonderful way to save Wilbur from his unhappy fate by writing nice words about him in her web so that people will think he is talented. On finding this the people took Wilbur to a contest of pigs, but another fat pig won first prize in the contest. But all this time Charlotte was pregnant and dying.

After they reached the barn Charlotte died but her egg sac was still there. After a few days the children were born. Wilbur was very happy. One fine sunny day, one spider climbed up the fence and did something Wilbur was surprised of. It made a balloon out of the silk and sailed into the air. Then another went, then another and soon the air was filled with tiny balloons, each carrying a spider.”Come back”, Wilbur cried.”Good bye”, they called .When everyone were gone, Wilbur was disappointed of losing Charlotte’s children. He cried himself to sleep. Late that afternoon he heard a tiny voice say ”Hello”. He looked up to see three baby spiders. They were Charlotte’s daughters .He named them Aranea, Nellie and Joy. Together they lived happily for generations. The story moved me very much.

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